Another Award for Equinox as Malaki Stand Wins Best-In-Show

Equinox just keep picking up awards...

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Another award-winning stand was designed by Equinox Design recently, as our work for Malaki at The Hookah Club Show in St Petersburg, Russia and took the ‘Best-In-Show’ award.

Malaki approached us to create a design that would showcase the launch of their luxurious range of shisha flavours. They blend their love of quality with timeless style, and can elevate every moment of a shisha experience, from ordinary to luxurious.

And that’s something that we wanted to reflect in our design.

Taking The Brief

We were handed a brief that clearly showed that we had to create a crowd stopping structure for a brand which oozed luxury and class with style.

A ‘luxury factor’ needed to be incorporated, and it had to be a stand that made people stop, admire, and enter a modern-day shisha experience with intrigue.

Luxury Design

Our team considered the Malaki style guide, and created a semi enclosed structure in-keeping with the geometrics of the Malaki brand.

We created 6m high, dark walls in a mixture of finishes, with openings that teased the passer-by, but were inviting enough to draw people in. The entrance points were in style with the Malaki logo so it’s appeared embedded in the brand, and incorporated bright LED recessed trims to attract the eye to exactly where the client wanted it to go.

Elegant touches such as a VIP red carpet leading in to the stand, coupled with a luxurious dark grey carpet throughout the stand space, feature drop pendant light fittings, a variety of furniture styles and a mixture of luxurious colours and finishes all created a scene which complimented Malaki’s branding and product ranges.

The interior space housed a ‘Shisha Bar’ offering visitors tasters and samples of a selection of new products, and we created an environment where people felt comfortable in a luxurious surrounding. Visitors could immerse themselves in the Malaki flavours in a comfortable, stylish and buzzing space.

And then there was the exterior. Dark against bright, wood against matt, geometrical angles and with an outward facing counter that dazzled while displaying the new style shisha packaging. We dressed the lounge space as a luxury chill-out zone. It was roped off and manned by beautiful hostesses who were classically dressed in long gold dresses. Palm trees and glass podiums completed the entire look, and softened the geometric angles of the structure with Malaki’s brand message. It was a place people wanted to see and be seen.

Another Award for Equinox as Malaki Stand Wins Best-In-Show Another Award for Equinox as Malaki Stand Wins Best-In-Show Another Award for Equinox as Malaki Stand Wins Best-In-Show Another Award for Equinox as Malaki Stand Wins Best-In-Show Another Award for Equinox as Malaki Stand Wins Best-In-Show
Award Winning Results

The completed stand looked fantastic with its variety of sumptuous finishes and impactful structure. It was fully on brand, achieved popularity, and turned heads – this was clear to see with the number of visitors who paused to look as they approached it.

The visitors who stepped inside the stand, stayed there.

The icing on the cake was Malaki being awarded Best-Stand-In-Show 2018, which was a brilliant accolade for us and the entire team at Malaki.

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