Anyone For Tennis?

Equinox Design bring you the top five tennis-terms that we’re using in the office and the workshop right now…

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The strawberries and cream are out, the whites are clean, and London is braced for the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament which begins today!

And to celebrate, the start of Wimbledon fortnight, Equinox Design bring you the top six tennis-terms that we’re using in the office and the workshop right now…


It’s what we want you to have over your competitors when you’re at the same show.

Whose stand is bigger? Whose stand is best? Who’s going to get the most visitors? It’s one-upmanship at it’s very best!

We love exhibitions, and if your stand isn’t the best, then we’re not happy. So, we serve you an advantage straight away. We manage everything from beginning to end, we have the best and brightest design team, and the quality of our work will be by far the best in the show.


We’ve got the biggest balls in the world when it comes to exhibitions and events.

We couldn’t go to the extremes that we go to if we didn’t have them. It’s one of the key reasons why jaws drop to the floor, and why your stand becomes the talking point of the show.

You get some companies who don’t have what we have and don’t do it how we do it. That’s when it’s time for “New balls, please!”


We are nice people. We’re passionate about our jobs, and we love what we do.

We treat your stand with fondness and tenderness…we guess we’re quite romantic in that sense.

We love exhibitions, but most of all we love you… our clients.

Equinox Tennis Blog Equinox Tennis Blog Equinox Tennis Blog

With every single event or exhibition project, we do this. Absolutely smash it.

We’re driven by success, and not just our own. We do our bit to make you smash it too, and have a memorable show. We want you to come back to us again and again; and we can only make sure you do that by hitting through the sweet spot every time, with every element of your stand.

When it comes to impact, no-one can match us.


Creating an event or an exhibition stand is more than just a pretty drawing, and a bit of MDF thrown together with a lick of paint on top.

Attention to detail in every step of the project journey is essential, from concept to creation, which is why we only employ the best exhibition project managers to work for Equinox. Their eye for detail has to be spot on – right from the point of brief, to the show opening time.

Game, Set and Match:

When you’re a winner, the euphoria you feel is something that you struggle put in to words.

At the end of your show, you want to go away beaming, knowing that you’ve met the visitors you wanted to, that your deals are going to be clinched, and that your ROI is going to please the guy in your accounts department nearly as much as your MD.

Use Equinox for your stand, and you’ll be feeling victorious at the end of every show and event.

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