Cherokee Global Brands All Kitted Up

Cherokee Global Brands All Kitted Up

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Known for building the most eye-catching and original exhibition stands and events on the world stage, Equinox Design of Leeds are also in high demand for retail interiors and environments, completing multiple large projects each year.

Cherokee Global brands, (stock listed as CHKE on the NASDAQ) were the latest firm to contact them with a brief to bring their new headquarters and brand office in Amsterdam to life.

“Among many others, Cherokee have the Hi-Tec, Magnum, Tony Hawk, Flip Flop Shop and Everyday California in their asset portfolio” said Chris Criscione, Managing Director and original founder of Equinox.

“These are the names that people recognise, and how those brands were to stand out and catch the eye along with the imagination in the new store was handed to Team Equinox. The best team around.”

The store is set over two floors, and the look was to be open and inviting but mostly informative about what the brands stood for globally.

“Without compromise, how do we eliminate potential logo overload when there are so many big names that were going to be part of the make-up of this project?” Stated Ed Van Wezel, European CEO of CGB.

It was a job for the project for the Equinox team to discuss, devise, scribble, draw, screw up and draw again, before some incredible 3D visuals were presented that just hit the spot.

“Their guys interpreted the brief perfectly and with insane deadlines, worked every hour of the day to make sure we had a show stopper on our hands” Mr Van Wezel told us.

The Equinox concept introduced retail displays that made impact and statement yet still allowed the product to be the hero. They incorporate bold logos in to the displays which looked tasteful, and with wall dressings to compliment the products, the whole floor tied together perfectly. Ask any creative and they will tell you this isn’t an easy task…

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Window displays enticed those looking from the outside in, and a cool reception area meant that it felt like someone was entering an experience, rather than a store.

Downstairs the clothing range talked the talk, but it was an additional creative area where they truly walked the walk:

“In addition we created a fully lit stage and catwalk, together with seating for guests and clients who’ll be lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the latest trends that is on offer from the group.

“New ways of promoting product ranges come and go, but a method that’s never going to go away is the fashion show” said Criscione.

It’s a really novel idea for a brand office to have all this under one roof, and one which will drive the interest in the company even more.”

With fit-out complete, the Cherokee Global Brands European Headquarters office opened on 18th April; well received and to much acclaim.

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk was there at the launch to put his stamp of approval on the project, which encompassed another successful piece of work that Equinox pulled out of the hat and delivered with flair and conviction.

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