DigEcor Choose Equinox for Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg.

Team Equinox project manage another great Exhibition Stand at AIX 2018

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With technology advancing at a rate of knots nowadays, everything you own seems to be able to do more, whilst at the same time being easier and slicker to use. You’ll find that’s the case wherever you go…including when you’re up in the sky.

Exhibiting at the 2018 Aircraft Interiors show were digEcor, the aircraft cabin technology experts. They contacted Equinox because they wanted someone with experience, and the creative and inspirational juice that would give them a stand that couldn’t be missed by any visitor walking the show.

In Brief

The brief told us that we were looking at a large, technology-led stand for the show in Hamburg. With the purpose of showing off their range of embedded devices, portables, in-seat power, lighting and LED, and cabin management devices, it had to reflect digEcor’s position in the aircraft technology industry, but not be over bearing – even at 13m x 7m.

We’re well versed in the aerospace, communications and connectivity field. So we knew we were well placed to fulfil their needs, but also offer more than just a great looking, well-functioning stand.

Big and Green

We went for height. Five metres worth of head-turning height. And we factored in some carefully balanced width to complement the size, ensuring we allowed for comfortable, inviting open space on the stand. And although technology was the leader on this one, thanks to us it was also green.

Constructed with FSC wood and similar materials, the elements of the stand were made in such a way that they can be used time and again by digEcor at other shows. A fully recyclable stand, brilliant for the carbon footprint.

The walls contained brief but key information that could be absorbed by a visitor with just a glance, and two 80” LCD screens played a video loop to further enhance what digEcor offer the aircraft technology market. And people could experience first-hand the quality of digEcor’s kit which was mounted to the walls. Giving them something that they could see and feel was important.

DigEcor Choose Equinox for Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg DigEcor Choose Equinox for Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg DigEcor Choose Equinox for Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg DigEcor Choose Equinox for Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg
Care, Quality and Speed

And it was a fast and pain-free project for digEcor. Right up to the handover, and beyond. They benefited from having Team Equinox transport the stand to the show using our own vehicle livery and it was built on-site by us too. This allowed the Equinox stamp of care and quality to appear all over the project. And with no external contractors brought in at any point during the build, the construction of the stand was easier and slicker too.

As usual, the show was fantastic. It was busy and digEcor seemed to loved what we gave them. So did their visitors. People stepped on to the stand, inspecting the products that digEcor were showcasing, and that led to a number of conversations, either informally on in the meeting room we’d factored in.

It proved to be yet another great project, handled from start to finish by Equinox, and executed impeccably.

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