MD Chris Wins ESSA Outstanding Contribution Award

Chris Criscione has been regonised by the Industry

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Equinox are pleased to announce that our co-founder and Managing Director Chris Criscione won the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award at ESSA’s Awards ceremony on Thursday night.

Chris took the accolade after 47 years of hard work and dedication to the Exhibitions Industry.

ESSA, (Event Supplier and Services Association) are a trade body representing the very best suppliers of goods and services to the events industry. The award, part of their 10th Anniversary Celebrations, was a fiercely fought contest, with some of the industries most influential and highly respected people being nominated.

“Chris co-founded Equinox in 1981, with his then-business partner Jim Reilly after 11 years in the industry” said Carl Criscione, Director of Equinox Design. “And while he’s made Equinox grow over the last 36 years in to a global exhibition and events force with a multitude of blue-chip clients and major brands as clients; he’s overseen us pioneer through the ever-changing event landscapes.”

Originally coming from a 3D design background, Chris has been responsible for many award-winning stands across all industries. Over the years he’s become one of the most liked, well respected, and influential figures in the exhibitions and events industry, all key factors in his victory.

MD Chris Wins ESSA Outstanding Contribution Award MD Chris Wins ESSA Outstanding Contribution Award MD Chris Wins ESSA Outstanding Contribution Award MD Chris Wins ESSA Outstanding Contribution Award
Knowledge and Experience

His knowledge, experience and insight has helped ESSA grow and develop, and he is ferociously vocal about the benefits of a strong industry association. One of his biggest contributions to the association was his rigorous fight against the government to dismiss claims for CITB Levy on the industry.

“It was a fight he was successful in winning in 2002” said Carl. “The levy could have made a huge difference to the economic state of the industry, but we think the victory was a contributing factor in allowing the many exhibition companies of varying sizes to continue to trade.”

At 67 years old he is still running Equinox as Managing Director, and is still at the forefront of the business. He travels across the globe, takes briefs, sustains relationships with clients old and new and ultimately still strives to deliver the best stands in the business.

Over the years, he’s given employment opportunities to thousands of people in the industry, and today Equinox employs just over 80 people.

The recognition by his industry peers is hugely deserved for an influential, and well-liked member of the Exhibition and Events community.