Not Just a Run-Of-The-Mill Kind Of Stand

Two companies with creativity woven in to their fabric partner up

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When Camira used Equinox again for their appearance at Orgatec, it was apt that the show carried the strapline of being the “creative hotspot for the modern working world”.

There’s a long-standing partnership between the two Yorkshire based firms, and with Camira’s modern fabric designs and Equinox’s creative concepts; they got their heads together to decide how best to show off Camira’s interior office fabrics.

“The brief that we got from Camira was simple” said Nick Hardy, Director of Equinox. “To show how they crafted their products with style and substance. They’re a client that we have a lot in common with as we’ve both got the creative eye, and know how to make people feel good in a particular space or environment.”

With the current trend of the modern office environment being clean, clear and fresh, Equinox looked to replicate that feeling on the stand.

Nick said: “We worked up the seating areas, furniture, and basic lighting easily. We had a couple of large walls to dress, and an interior storage and kitchen area needed to be worked in too”

But the challenge they faced was how to place a number of coloured and patterned fabrics together tastefully.

“We had 22 large samples of colour; with 48 small fabric swatch books, and about 64 medium sized sample pieces, all in various colours and patterns” Nick told us. “They had to be on the stand and viewable to visitors. We had to work out a way to display them in such a way that the colours and patterns didn’t clash, and instead looked tasteful and interesting.”

Equinox are renowned for having an incredible design team who take hold of a challenge like this, and work it out.

Camira Camira Camira Camira Camira

“The swatch samples were hung low-down and neatly hooked against the back wall, with the colours placed in a palette order” Nick said. “This created a softened look, with a nice effect. We then hung the medium pieces in a rail style, underneath four collaboration tables.  This worked nicely, as it erased the potential clash that we’d have with these pieces, and displayed the fabrics as they often are.  They were stored away, but still in view and accessible.”

But how difficult would it be to display the 22 large samples over the one stand?

“The left side feature wall gave us space” explained Nick. “We had to somehow arrange these samples to tie together nicely.  We decided to go for a rail and pipe effect feature to cover pretty much all of the wall. We folded the fabrics neatly in to various sizes, hanging them in various combinations.  It created a nice, tasteful wall of colour with enough white space to keep the look cool.”

The final result was inspiring and inviting.  It had room, it had colour, and it looked like a place where people wanted to be.  This was proved by the number of clients and visitors that joined Camira on their stand at the show; and at the evening hospitality event.

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