St. Patrick and The Boys in Green

Team Equinox in Chicago for St. Patrick's Day

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It’s the time when all Chicagonian’s become Irish for the day. With a huge Irish-American population, you can’t help but know it’s St Patricks Day when you’re in Chicago. Parades, parties and plenty of Guinness-fuelled celebrations are happening there on 17th March.

But this year, not only will Chicago be dying the Chicago river green. Not only will there be Irish dancers in the street, and people dressed as leprechauns. And not only will the world-famous Paddy’s Day Parade take place.

Team Equinox are also in town, doing a build at the NAPNAP conference, and the boys in green will be adding their splash of colour to proceedings.

As a global expert in the exhibitions and events industry, we’ve got our team situated in locations all over the world at the moment. But we love that we’ve got a team of green in the American capital of the St Patrick’s celebration. It’s quite apt!

St. Patrick and The Boys in Green St. Patrick and The Boys in Green

So, once the team have finished putting the stand up for our client at the conference, what might they be doing?

Well, they could make their way to Michigan Avenue for the best view of the dyeing of the river. The fish friendly dye makes for an eye-catching look in the city and returns back to its usual colour by nightfall.

Alternatively, they might head downtown to celebrate in a traditional way with Irish food, dances and live traditional and contemporary music. Maybe see what the Guinness tastes like over there too!

Or if they fancy the parade, they’ll join the pipers walking through a happy and noisy Grant Park on Columbus Drive. You never know, you might see this Equinox Green enjoying St Paddy’s Day with the rest of Chicago, before they return to the NAPNAP show, to take down our stand and bring it home.

Whether Chicago, Hong Kong, Germany or Moscow, we always send our own team out to build our stands on site. It means the quality that we pride ourselves on is never compromised, and the stands that are designed the Equinox way get executed the same way too.

So, to our team out in Chicago, and to everyone else – Happy St. Patrick’s Day…or sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

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