The Best Places To Eat And Drink When You’re Exhibiting

Part One - Europe

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When you’re far from home, experiencing another culture in an alien country, finding a nice place to relax, eat and have a couple of drinks can sometimes be a lottery.

Team Equinox are well travelled, and have eaten in some of the most weird and wonderful places all over the world. So, to help you decide where’s good to go, we’ve put together a guide of some of our favourite places for you to try.

Part one of three takes us to Europe…
Bologna – Ristorante Grassilli

It’s hard to get bad food here, even the street food is fantastic. Ristorante Grassilli is Equinox Director Carl Criscione’s favourite restaurant. Everything is good here but the entrecote is the best in town. It’s out of the way so it’s mostly locals who eat here. If you can manage a pudding they make homemade ice-cream with warmed raspberries – heaven.

Koln – Peters Brauhaus

Brewed on site, the beer is great but the food is second to none. Don’t worry about ordering more beers – they bring them until you tell them to stop.

Paris – Pedzouille

What a quirky place! The decor is eclectic and whimsical, and with an excellent menu to choose from we hit one of Paris’ more cooler establishments when we stumbled across this place.

Paris – Pedzouille

It’s a hidden gem. If you like perfect, tender meat; packed with flavour this is the place to go. They use fresh, high-quality ingredients; and give you extraordinary service.

The duck here is perfection. And who knew that something as simple as an artichoke puree could make you so happy?

Glasgow – Paesano Pizza

If you fancy pizza this side of the pond we couldn’t recommend this place more.

From the authentic bases to the imported tomatoes; this place knocks up the best stone baked pizza we know.

Moscow – Café Pushkin

Some of the best food in Moscow can be found in this antique-filled dining room of a nobleman’s house.

Moscow - Café Pushkin

The blinchiki (Russian pancakes) with black caviar, borscht and pelmeni (dumplings to you and me!) is a particular favourite.

Formal service and a typically Russian menu; don’t forget to down two or three vodkas during your meal!

Milan – La Fabbrica

The atmosphere and people watching here is great but so are the Pizzas. Carl once made a two-hour round trip for one. It’s in a fab area just off the Corsa Como so there’s plenty of bars to hit too.

Get there early and you can indulge in Aperitivo – Italy’s version of happy hour. The booze is no cheaper (boo) but they put on the best free bar snacks you’ve ever tasted (hurrah!!!).

ExCeL London – The Slop Wagon!

Most clients walk out to the piazza and grab a budget busting Panini here, totally unaware that the best bacon and egg sandwich lies just a short walk away on the loading bays.

Look out for the white caravan!

Dussledorf – Sila Thai

The red curry here justifies the exhibition expense straight off. We know this seems odd not taking in the local food but this place really is fabulous.

Make sure you book or you won’t get in. Walk off your dinner with a stroll down the Altstat for drinks (old town).

Barcelona – Blavis

Rated the number one restaurant in Barcelona on Trip Advisor, the food and service here is among the best we’ve ever been lucky enough to come across.

Barcelona – Blavis

While a very small place with just a few tables, this establishment’s passion for food comes through in every bite. The menu is small, and the food is simple and traditional but yet somehow also inventive and new; and everything is extremely fresh.

Our recommendations? Where to start! Try the Aubergine carpaccio with goat cheese, the Fajita Caprese and the gorgeous Cochinita pibil. The Strawberry Sorbet is intense – that’s worth trying too.

Book ahead – it’s rare that this place isn’t full.

Madrid – Mercado De San Miguel

This indoor covered market in the heart of Madrid centre is a haven for some of the freshest, and most varied tapas and alcohol in the City.

There’s a large number of stalls to wander round and sit at, many of which specialise in a particular type of tapas. So you spend a little bit here, and a little there whilst you experience some authentic Madrid culture in the 101 year old building.

Chopitos, Boquerones, and various versions of tortilla can all be found under the roof here, while you mix with a nice balance of locals and tourists.

There’s plenty of bars to sample a Spanish cervaza, or while you decide which sangria suits your palate (who knew there were so many kinds?), you can watch the people of Madrid walk by and do their daily thing.

Leeds – Graveley’s Fish and Chips

Out of ALL the places we’ve eaten in all over the globe, nothing ever beats coming home to Leeds and devouring the food and the ambience at Graveley’s chippy, opposite Elland Road, the home of Leeds United.

Leeds – Graveley's Fish and Chips

The best fish and chips in Yorkshire by far, and (keep an open mind here folks) the battered spam is mega!

Many a great stand concept has been penned here over the years, during a plate of fish, chips, mushy peas and a teacake (yes, they ARE called teacakes!), accompanied by an ice-cold can of dandelion and burdock!

Keep your eye’s peeled for part two, when we cover the best bars, restaurants and eateries in North America…