Equinox Party To Rocket Launch

Inmarsat Launch Rocket in to Space, and Equinox are Part of the Project

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Equinox Design get themselves involved in some pretty out-of-this-world projects, but doing their bit to help launch a rocket and satellite in to space is something that doesn’t happen to them every day.

But on the evening of Wednesday 28th June, 2017, long-standing client Inmarsat called on the leaders in exhibitions, events and displays to brand up the launch seen by millions around the world on TV and online.

“Inmarsat launched an Ariane 5 rocket on Wednesday night, from French Guiana which takes a new satellite up into orbit above the Earth for Inmarsat’s European Aviation Network partnership” said Scott Munroe, Account Director at Equinox Design. “It’s going up there to bring faster broadband throughout European skies a reality, soon we will be able to shop online, browse social media stream movies and live TV on our flights”

“The event was obviously big news throughout the world, and we were asked to be part of the launch party at Inmarsat’s HQ in London” Scott said. “We produced and installed large graphic backdrops and 3D event theming for the party”

Inmarsat Rocket Launch Inmarsat Rocket Launch Inmarsat Rocket Launch Inmarsat Rocket Launch

“Although the part we played was very small compared to the launch of a rocket with its precious satellite cargo, it’s a prestigious and important event to be involved with. When there’s a €150m rocket launch happening, every aspect of the project has to be right. Inmarsat had to work with someone thorough, with an incredible attention to detail, and used to dealing with high-profile events. It meant they could concentrate on other parts of the project.”

A number of companies provided the necessary equipment for the launch, from PR and AV through to catering, but the whole look was nicely finished off by Equinox, whose structure graphics and lighting transformed the venue in to a celebratory, Inmarsat event.

Watch the launch: